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General Info

2 years ago, a group of friends decided they had the skills they needed to create as we know today as the Superizee Network. The Superizee Network is essentially a portal, we create projects for anyone to use, freely. Our profit comes from our sponsors, donators and our advertisements.

This is a new beginning for Superizee. For the past 2 years, Superizee has been growing. It has gotten to the stage in which we have decided to expand our trades. We are launching four new parts of the company in 2015.

Projects Info

Superizee NOW! — this is essentially an e-Newspaper, edited and created by the staff at Superizee. Each week you have the opportunity to get stuck into the business at Superizee and also hear of the world wide news.

Superizee FACTS — this is a brand new service to Superizee. Each week we will be releasing a cool/interesting/stupid fact. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see these, however they will also be featured in our e-newspaper.

Superizee TV — this is our basic TV show on YouTube, bringing comedy and laughter to people. Here we will be: doing short clips, playing games, pranking in public, doing social experiments and much more.

Superizee MC — this is Superizee’s Official Minecraft server. Here you can join, relax and chat to members and staff at Superizee. As well as have a fantastic Minecraft experience.

Even though we have incorporated all these into the new Superizee our vision still stays the same. For success, chose the best.


  • Alan Hajo — Founder, CEO
  • Rohat Bedikanli — Co-Founder, CFO
  • Aziz Hajo — Director, Executive V.P
  • Alexander Kristensen — Spokesman,  Press Conference Manager
  • Milos Marjanovic — Server Manager,  Organizer
  • Alvin Lee Wenyi — Writer

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Social Networks

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